Important Information

Important information for your visit to Namibia

The Speed restrictions are as follows:

80 km/hr on gravel roads or as indicated
120 km/hr on general tar roads or as indicated
60 km/hr in Town or Cities or as indicated

Reaching Windhoek you have the opportunity to exchange money at the airport should you immediately need money.
If you do not need money immediately exchange money in the town of Windhoek, since the exchange rates are better in the local Bureau de Change.
You can also draw money at every ATM of Standard Bank, Nedbank and First National Bank that show the Maestro Sign. The limited amount is in most cases N$ 2000.00

A transfer from Windhoek International to your hotel should always be pre-booked by your Tour Operator.
There are two possible transfers that you can use
• Transfer by the lodge you are staying at the first night
• Local transfer & tours companies registered at the Namibia Tourism Board and supplied with the adequate insurances.
Please do not use any taxi you come upon only taxis recommended to you by your accommodation or Tour Operator

Drawing money is a private matter, never let anybody assist you with this, unless it is in a bank.

• Waiters are awarded a 10% fee of your bill if he/she delivered good service. A tip is never included in the bill by the restaurant.
• A car guard, present at most every open parking area, is rewarded N$ 2.00 - N$ 5.00 for 2-3 hours during daytime. If he guards your vehicle longer or in the evening he is rewarded N$ 5.00 - N$ 10.00.
• A hair washer at the hair dresser is rewarded N$ 5.00
• A petrol joggie at the petrol stations is rewarded N$ 2.00 - N$ 5.00 if he fills up the car and N$ 5.00 if he in addition cleans your windscreens.

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