Wild Botswana Itinerary

Wild Botswana

21 Day/20 Night mainly Camping
Self-drive Safari

21 Day/20 Night Self-drive Safari around Botswana mainly camping

from/to Windhoek via Eastern Namibia through wildlife parks and nature conservation areas in south-western, central, north-eastern and north-western Botswana, incl. Chobe National Park, Moremi Wildlife Reserve and Okavango Delta

How often have you seen films on television or listened to someone telling you about Botswana's amazing African wildlife populations and the natural beauty of the Okavango Delta? You love nature, enjoy being part of it but suspect that the experience of true wilderness will remain out of reach due to cost involved in such extraordinary African holidays?

Here is your answer: Unique Tours & Safaris' combined camping & lodge safari through the game parks of Botswana will take you right to the hearts and wildlife hot spots of these remote wilderness areas without blowing your holiday budget.

Yes, it's true - using a 4x4 is an absolute necessity; travelling with a group of four or more friends and family members in at least 2 vehicles will make you feel safer; you should not do this tour at the height of the rainy season in Botswana as many roads might turn into impassable mud pools; and it is advisable to have some prior experience of travelling in Africa and to be able to enjoy camping as much as nice lodges. Since the game reserves only boast a view campsites per park it is absolutely essential to book well in advance.

In return, you'll get African nature, wildlife, wilderness pure - the essence of Southern Africa at its very best!


Tintenpalast WindhoekWindhoek
Upon arrival at Windhoek's Husea Kutako International Airport take over your rental vehicle and proceed to your guesthouse accommodation in town. Enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.The city centre of Namibia's capital is small enough to explore most of its sightseeing attractions, a craft centre, and museum on foot or book an optional guided city tour.There are various dining options in the vicinity of the accommodation - just ask your hosts for recommendations.
Please note: No fresh produce incl. meat may be taken into Botswana!
Windhoek – Khomas Region
Bed and Breakfast


BushmenWindhoek - Botswana Border
Departing Windhoek travelling east on the Trans Kalahari Highway towards the Botswana border, will take you into the Kalahari and to the outskirts of the Omaheke Desert. In Gobabis, the region's only town and administrative centre, the local tourist info centre provides details about sightseeing and excursion options available for getting to know historic sites and various ethnic communities. The Herero culture is most prominent in the Omaheke Region but also Damara, San, and Batswana splinter groups are settled here.Once at your overnight place, there are opportunities to visit the San close by or relax around the swimming pool in beautiful garden surroundings.
Gobabis Area – Omahake Region


GanziGobabis - Ghanzi
Ghanzi is often referred to as the "Capital of the Kalahari. Even though it is literally situated in the middle of nowhere, this little town has grown in leaps and bounds, since the inauguration of the Trans Kalahari Highway, which made it accessible to the general travelling public for the very first time in its existence.Here, you'll have to stock up on provisions for the coming days, as it will take some time, until you'll reach proper shopping facilities once again.
Ghanzi – Western Botswana
Bed and Breakfast

Days 4 and 5

Central Kalahri Game ParkGhanzi - Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Proceeding in a south-eastern direction, you reach the first of Botswana's numerous nature conservation areas, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Nearly 20% of the country's surface and thus most of its wildlife as well as the most fragile habitats of the Kalahari are protected in such vast reserves. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, established in 1961 already but difficult to access until fairly recently, is larger than Denmark. Covering approx. 52,800 sq kilometres, it is the largest game reserve in Botswana and one of the largest in Africa.Experience marvelous game viewing during leisurely drives across the grassveld of the Kalahari.During these two days, you make your way from the center of the game reserve to its northern exit, with camping overnights in spots with particularly high game concentrations.
Central Kalahari Game Reserve – Central Botswana
Camping: camp site only


Makgadikgadi Pans National ParkCentral Kalahari Game Reserve - Makgadikgadi National Park
Leaving the Central Kalahari Game Reserve via the Matswere Gate, travel via the villages of Rakops and Tsoe northwards to Khumaga and the Makgadikgadi National Park. Don’t bother to pronounce its name until you heard it from a local, as it is one of the many words of the Setswana language that can get your tongue in a knot. The vast expanse of the Makgadikgadi Pans is a sight to behold with salt-baked sands stretching as far as the eye can see.
Makgadikgadi Pans National Park – Central Botswana
Camping: camp site only


Baies BaobabsMakgadikgadi National Park - Nxai Pan National Park
With overnight facilities and places of interest situated as isolated as they are in the centre of Botswana, it is unfortunately necessary to change your base camp frequently. Today, you travel further north, across the main road connecting Maun and Nata, to enter the Nxai Pan National Park. Baobab trees dominate the scenery of this part Botswana. According to an ancient folk tale, the baobab was the last tree species to be created and the most beautiful one. The tree became so arrogant that it would not allow birds to sit on it. God, in his anger about such vanity, pulled it out of the ground and re-planted it upside down. And this is why the baobab still looks today, as if its roots reach into the air.
Nxai Pan National Park – Central Botswana
Camping: camp site only


Natqa LodgeNxai Pan National Park - Nata
After all this being and feeling close to nature, a little break in civilized surroundings and the comforts provided by proper beds and hot showers is probably most welcome: A half-day's drive east, on the main tar road through central Botswana, takes you to the town of Nata. A lovely garden under big shade trees offers respite from the relentless African sun, and the village's service station will whip your safari vehicle back into shape.Stocking up on groceries should however wait until you reach Kasane, as it offers more and better shopping facilities. Instead, taking a guided afternoon excursion (optional) into the Nata Sanctuary is recommended.
Nata – Eastern Botswana
Bed and Breakfast


KasaneNata – Kasane
Just two hours north, on the banks of the Chobe River and the outskirts of Kasane, lies your next destination. Join the lodge for an optional boat cruise in the afternoon, enjoying the huge populations of elephant and buffalo the Chobe region is known for, next to many other game species and a prolific birdlife.
Kasane – North-eastern Botswana
Dinner, Bed and Breakfast


DAYS 10 AND 11

Chobe RiverKasane - Chobe River/Chobe National Park
Only a stone throw to the west lies your next destination, again on the banks of the Chobe. Since elephant and buffalo love drinking here, always listen before you exit your tent at night. Before departing Kasane, refill your vehicle's tank to the brim as you will use up most of those 160 liters of fuel, before you reach the next petrol station in Maun. Also check on your stocks to make sure you are not missing anything you would fancy. Situated only approximately 50km away from Kasane lies a secluded camping are that has pulled everybody into its spell who camped here.
Chobe National Park/Ngoma Bridge – North-eastern Botswana
Camping: campsite only

DAYS 12 AND 13

Chobe National ParkChobe River - Savuti/Chobe National Park
Your journey takes you in a south-westerly direction through the Chobe National Park, from the vicinity of the park's Ngoma Gate via the tiny bush settlement of Kachikau to the Savuti area near the Ghoha Gate. For the better part of the day, It's tough driving on corrugated or deep sandy tracks that will test your bush driving skills but game viewing opportunities abound along the way and at the end of this stretch two nights spent in luxury await you.In the south-western corner of Botswana's Chobe National Park lies a dynamic wilderness - a sweeping expanse of savannah brooded over by seven rocky outcrops guarding a relic marsh and the unpredictable channel that was once its lifeline. The area is covered with spectacular rolling grasslands and an amazing abundance of wildlife and is known for its population of bull elephants and predator species. In 2009, the unexpected happened - after 14 years of remaining completely dry, the Savuti Channel started flowing with water again and completely transformed the landscape and the hunting behavior of carnivores like wild dogs and lions. Since Botswana experienced a late and good rainy season, during the African summer months until April 2010, it is likely that the spectacle of the channel in flood will be repeated over the main safari season between June and November 2010. More information about the Savuti Channel's long cycles of revival can be found on the website of National Geographic.
Savuti area/Chobe National Park – North-central Botswana
Full board including activities

DAYS 14 TO 16

Moremi Game ReserveSavuti/Chobe N. P. - Moremi Wildlife Reserve
Travel further in a south-westerly direction, via the Mababe Marsh and across the 4km long Magwikhwe Sand Ridge, to reach the Moremi Wildlife Reserve that borders the Chobe Nat. Park. Proceed along the Khwai River until you reach your first camp site within Moremi, situated near its North Gate.Enjoy self-guided game drives, during the following three days, which will also see you visiting the 3rd Bridge and Xakanaxa on the northern tip of Moremi that reaches into the Okavango Delta, before your journey takes you to Maun.
Moremi Wildlife Reserve – North-central Botswana
Camping: campsite only

DAYS 17 AND 18

MaunMoremi Wildlife Reserve – Maun
Moremi is the last game reserve to visit in Botswana during this safari. Enjoy another few hours of game drive en route to the entrance gate and proceed via Shorobe to Maun. In Maun, it will be high time to refuel your vehicle, before you continue to your accommodation just outside town.The next day holds another surprise when a flight across the Okavango Delta and a boating excursion in a traditional canoe reveal the full extent and unrivalled beauty of this water wonderland teeming with African wildlife.
Maun – North-central Botswana
Bed and Breakfast incl. Mokoro trip

DAY 19

Tautona LodgeMaun – Ghanzi
Due to limited accommodation options between Maun and eastern Namibia, you return to Ghanzi. It's an easy drive on tar roads all the way.
Enjoy the tranquil surroundings of your lodge for a last night in Botswana.
Ghanzi – North-eastern Botswana
Bed and Breakfast



DAY 20

GobabisGhanzi - Gobabis
Having completed your roundtrip through large parts of Botswana, you head west and via the Buitepos border post back to Namibia. Just a few kilometers beyond the border line lies your last camp site surrounded by a privately owned game farm.
Gobabis – Omaheke Region
Bed and Breakfast



DAY 21

Gobabis - Windhoek
Proceeding west on the Trans-Kalahari-Highway through Gobabis and past Witvlei, it is easy to reach Windhoek by about lunch time. Enjoy the few remaining hours surrounded by Windhoek's modern shopping facilities and cosy street-side cafés, before you return to the Hosea Kutako International Airport where you return your vehicle and check-in for your evening flight home.


Price List

Services Included in this program, on a SELF-DRIVE basis:

  • Accommodation & camp sites as indicated above
  • Activities indicated as included above
  • Meal basis as indicated above
  • Vehicle rental from/to Windhoek - 21 days:
    Camping Vehicle equipped for 2
    • Incl. unlimited mileage
    • Incl. collision damage waiver (as per conditions of rental companies)

Not included are:

  • Flights & Visa/Permits of any kind
  • Sightseeing program & entrance/park fees
  • Optional activities
  • Additional meals & all beverages
  • Fuel for rental vehicle
  • Purchases and expenses of a personal nature


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