Tour Planer


You don’t pay more if you rely on Unique Tours & Safaris as your Tour Facilitator. In fact we add value to you holidays since you need not contact every operator for bookings and later payment so you save a lot of energy and most probably money as you only contact and pay us. We arrange everything from rental vehicle, accommodation and activities to shuttle services by road or flight, at no extra costs.
Based on your request we will create your tailor made safari for your perusal. Once you are totally satisfied with our suggestion and your flights details are fixed, we book the arrangement. These services we offer are at no extra cost since we earn a commission paid by the vendors. This commission is already included in the public prices. This means you do not pay more than you would have, making your own bookings; instead you will save bank charges by paying only one and you always have a contact person even and especially while travelling.
Forearmed with a detailed itinerary, including route descriptions which make a map unnecessary, your vouchers for each accommodation, including meal basis, and activity as well as maps you travel at your own time along your planed route. Stop wherever there is something drawing your attention or is worth a photo and continue at your own time.


Guided Tours

You feel like exploring Namibia without having to sit behind a steering wheel and check your route on the map? You want to learn more about the animals, plants and landscape as well as gems and people? The history of a town is interesting to you as well as the forecast of the future?
Well than you should make use of one of our trained and registered guides that will drive you through Namibia in an air-conditioned vehicle, check that every arrangement made is in place when you reach your lodge and let you participate in his knowledge of the country, the flora and fauna as well as the ethnic groups.
Sit back and relax while being introduced to Namibia’s secrets, take pictures whenever you feel like doing so, and stretch your legs whenever you stop for a break. Focus your attention on things that are really important to you like the surrounding you pass through or a bird up in the tree or even game along the road. You need not keep one eye on the road and miss marvellous sights, as your guide does the driving and explaining.
Spending you holiday on a guided tour will be more costly than doing a self-drive safari, that’s true, but all extra costs will be paid back in value by the trip.


Guided Selfdrive Tours

Ever so often were we asked if it would be possible to join in on a self drive tour in the own vehicle. The reason for this question is mainly the uncomfortable feeling of travelling in a foreign country, on the other side of the road, in a type of vehicle that one is not used to. The possibility of cause is seldom given since the people do not know each other or maybe even do not speak the same mother tongue.

Due to this Unique Tours & Safaris has decided to launch a new sort of tour which is the guided self drive tour. During this tour our guide drives ahead of you, in your speed and helps you find your way more easily and takes the strain away from you to be sure you are travelling on the right side of the road. Due to this the distances traveled will be shorter to ensure you are not longer on the road than 5-6 hours a day. Since only specific guides will be used for these tours a planing well in advance is necessary.


Fly-In Safari

Namibia is a fascinating country, that is for sure, but you need time to explore the country. Whenever we are asked what time span we find suitable for a visit to Namibia we suggest at least 2-3 weeks. Not everybody is as fortunate to spend such a long time on vacation. Only seeing 2 towns within Namibia though does not make a visit worthwhile, so what is to do?
We at Unique Tours & Safaris will plan and book your tailor made fly-in safari that will enable you to see many of the highlights of this beautiful country in just a short time. A small aircraft will pick you up at fixed times and take you to your next destination so that within only one week you can explore some of the highlights within Namibia.
Should you wish to enlighten any other itinerary by a fly-in part, please let us know, since this is absolutely possible in most parts of the country.


Camping Safari

Where else in the world can you experience more contrasting nature than within Namibia. From desert to savannah, coastal areas and hillsides, to gravel plains and luscious vegetation along our border rivers, Namibia can offer you everything. Experiencing nature pure is best done during a camping trip. Sleep under the stars in your roof tent and cater for yourself out of the fully equipped 4 x 4 vehicle. Sit at the campfire after dark and watch Bushman TV(the fire) while listening to the sounds of the night. Hear geckos bark or listen to the rustle in the bush without knowing who is watching you.
Namibia has a widely stretched campsite net that gives you the opportunity to see all of the country while camping. If you feel you would like to visit a lodge every once in a while, why not, just let us know and we’ll include this for you.
A camping experience in Namibia or Botswana is not for the faint hearted as it might very well be that nightly visitors force you to stay in the tent until day breaks and your visitors move on.
Experience the Okavango Delta and its surrounding Game Parks while living in the middle of it, or sneak into one of the lodges to relax under a hot shower or in a comfortable bed.
Unique Tours & Safaris will help you implement every aspect of your dream vacation.


Excursions & Activities

Ever dreamt of gliding over the dunes at sunrise without the faintest sound disturbing this idyllic experience? Land and have breakfast wherever you touched down in the middle of the desert.
Is it your dream to jump out of an plane either on your own or in a tandem? If this is too exciting you can also glide with a para sail along the dunes using the thermal winds that come from the Atlantic Ocean.
You want to experience a sunset on horseback while riding along the beach or doing a day trip?
All these things and many more are possible during your stay in Namibia.
Experience the most beautiful sights while joining a scenic flight or make a day trip touching down and spending time at the location.
Fold a cape fur seal into your arms while joining a dolphin and seal cruise in the bay of Walvis Bay and watch dolphin chasing the boat and seagulls, cormorant and pelican begging for fish.
Let the sands race past you during a trip on a quad, together with an educated guide, in the sand seas close to Swakopmund. Lie flat on your stomach or if your balance is perfect stand up while dashing down the dunes. Join an expert into the desert to realize that the dead desert sands are not dead at all but buzzing with life.
Ever fought with a shark from the sea shore or caught some lovely eatable fish from a boat, well come to Namibia and you can experience all of this while staying at Swakopmund or in the desert close to Sossusvlei.

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